Hong Kong cruise ports serve 1.7m travellers in 2017

Hong Kong’s two big cruise ports, Kai Tak and Ocean, dealt with a total of 1.7m passengers in 2017, up 4.4% around the past 12 months, according to air4casts.

On the other hand, over seven hundred,000 cruise travellers have been Hong Kong ‘homeporters’ who selected to start and conclude their cruise vacation with the Kai Tak or Ocean terminals. “They soared by in excess of 58% past year”, says the site visitors analyst business.

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In 2007, just 133,000 travellers had been Hong Kong homeporters, insists air4casts which quantity dropped to one hundred,000 through the global financial disaster of 2009.

But by 2015 the marketplace experienced in excess of trebled to 379,000 and previous 12 months the amount of cruise travellers starting and ending their getaway in Hong Kong had rocketed to 708,000.


“Between them the Hong Kong Chinese, mainland Chinese, Macau and Taiwanese cruisers accounted for 80% of all holidaymakers who started off their cruise from a Hong Kong cruise terminal final yr,” claims air4casts.

“Over 50 % of homeport cruisers lived in Hong Kong alone and so they have more than doubled in range because 2016. An extra 20% of 2017’s homeport cruisers came in the Chinese mainland, even though outdoors the regional marketplace only Us residents and Australians arrived at the top five.”

Interestingly, exterior the Higher Chinese area it was the Indian cruisers who grew swiftest in Hong Kong homeport cruise terms previous yr, which progress was considerable.

LEUNG Chung fan

“Indian nationals beginning their cruise instantly away from Hong Kong soared 255% past calendar year to above 12,000,” provides air4casts. “Japanese cruisers weren’t significantly driving in both growth and volume phrases Malaysian homeport cruisers elevated 145% to only below ten thousand whilst Thai nationals upped their rely by 69%.”


Hong Kong Hoping to construct on Amazing Cruise Expansion

Hong Kong’s cruise terminals put up healthful traveller progress in 2017

Hong Kong cruise ports serve one.7m travellers in 2017

Hong Kong’s cruise terminals article healthful traveller advancement in 2017

Hong Kong Hoping to construct on Amazing Cruise Advancement



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